Action is one of the most popular movie genres. People love seeing thrilling scenes and movie stunts on the screen. However, not many realize how much effort, risk, and dedication the directors, camera crew, actors, and stunt performers have to put into those scenes.

If you want a sneak peek into the historic stunts, here are the top 3 stunts that depict the nature of action stunts.

1.   The Piranha Tank Scene in “Now You See Me”

Though there was a lot of critical opinion about this movie before and after its release, it was a huge success. The most encouraging decision on the part of Isla Fisher, the movie’s female protagonist, is that she decided to do the underwater stunt herself. Resultantly, it turned out to be one of the most historic movie stunts in the history of Hollywood.

What made this stunt special was that it turned into reality, as Fisher actually started drowning. Though the handcuffs were engineered for quick release, they somehow got stuck. While Fisher was crying for help, everyone thought she was performing her best for the scene.

2.   The Driving Scene from “Baby Driver”

Ansel Elgort played the role of Baby in this thriller, which was filled with driving stunts. Though most of the scenes were done by Elgort himself, one particular scene was done by the stuntman Jeremy Fry.

The stunt involved driving the car through a busy street, moving with a speed of 180 among trucks and cars. The stunt coordinator said in an interview that this scene would be done on a green screen if it was any other movie. However, the way Jeremy Fry executed it made it one of the greatest stunts of all time.

3.   The Helicopter Scene from “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”

James Cameron is known for his amazing stunts in action movies. He usually produces without the use of CGI. One of the best stunts ever produced by James Cameron was the helicopter scene of his movie, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, when his camera crew refused to take the shot, and he, himself, took the shot along with a driver.

The scene was about the helicopter getting squeezed after busting into a van. It was a very risky shot, and Cameron filmed the sequence in the car while being in close proximity to the action scene.

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