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Advanced AI Defense Platform

This is Heavy Industries.

We’ve been quietly working with our partners on the most advanced life saving combat systems (LSCV) in the world.

With the release of Viktor Bout, so-called Merchant of Death, back into the world, we realized we had to redouble our efforts and stand up for those at risk.

Fifty50 Heavy Industries stands as an Architect of Life, building systems to protect the innocent, the at-risk and the under prepared anywhere we are called.

Our Inventory

A sample of our platforms — most of our combat systems are not shown here and mostly peaceful capabilities are demostrated below.


Autonomous Construction System

(Contested and Peaceful Operations)


Group 4 UAS for Heavy Lift capability (over 600kg)

Hardened and Lightweight options


  • Dual overlapping 360° field-of-fire.
  • 300,000 round capacity. Autonomous loading, aiming, firing of dual GAU19/As.
  • 12-24 months endurance without resupply
  • Multiple mission packages including ISR, Kinetic Weapons and Drone Hangar
  • Covert ventilation system (CVS) stealthy thermal footprint
  • Ground Level Door for personnel protection
  • Underground sensors for tunnel detection/intervention
  • Can be buried by a BOB or deployed conventionally, or via tactical lift. Operates from ship’s deck or in any theater.

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