The best part of the 21st century is the unending opportunities available to anyone willing to try its innovations. Film-making is an example of such innovations. You can make an independent movie, promote it and have it make as much impact as the mainstream blockbusters.
Making an indie movie might seem quite complicated. Of course, it’s not a walk in the park, but neither is it incomprehensible.

It’s alright to have some concerns when prepping for your first indie movie. However, it gets easier when your production outline begins with the following steps.

Indie movie

1. Understand the concept of indie films

An indie movie is like any mainstream movie, except it’s shorter and made with no affiliation to big movie companies and studios. The production budget is always on the low side ranging from thousands of dollars to millions.

These peculiarities in terms of length and budget size affect every aspect of indie movies, including the scripts, cast size, dialogue lengths, suspense creation, and location. Just think of it as the condensed version of a mainstream movie.

2. Condition your script to fit your budget scale

The first phase of film production is scriptwriting. For most movie makers, the script dictates the cast type, size, and production budget.

However, indie movies don’t necessarily adhere to that format. The scripts are streamlined to fit a predefined budget. So movies requiring computer-generated imagery (CGI), massive special effects, and multiple location sites are a no-no.

3. Get an experienced director of photography

The best person you can have on your side when making a movie is a seasoned director of photography. He will handle the technical aspect of production and ensure each shoot reaches the standard film quality.

4. Hire your cast and prep for shoot days

You cannot hire Brad Pitt for a role in an indie movie. Go for the low-budget types of actors. Low-budget means they’re willing to fit into your budget arrangement and still provide quality acting.

Start preparations for shoot days when you have your crew and cast members set. Get your scene outlines, shot lists, pointers, shooting schedule, etc.

Doesn’t that seem less difficult? It could be a thousand times easier if you hire an indie film production crew to help you bring your script to life. Reach out to our amazing team at Fifty50official, and we’ll make you a fantastic movie with the budget you’ve got.