Almost 33% of respondents in a survey agree that everyone should have the right to carry a gun for self-defense. However, carrying a gun is useless until you know how to use it correctly. One thing the advocates of armed self-defense ignore is the importance of self-defense techniques.

If you are a gun owner and want to learn self-defense, here are three techniques to help you start with it.

1.   Drawing Out Your Gun

The foremost part of self-defense is telling the other person you are ready to defend yourself. It can only happen if you are able to draw your gun quickly and efficiently. You should be able to draw out and point the gun toward the target quickly without giving them a chance to harm you.

The first step to mastering this skill is practice. Wear concealment clothes at home and practice drawing out the gun from the holster. Practice enough that you get comfortable with the process.

2.   Moving Away from the Danger

Though drawing your gun out at the right time is important, figuring out the range of danger and moving at the right time is even more important.

If someone is attacking you from somewhere near, your first step should be moving out of the range of the attack. You should draw the gun from the holster and aim at the target as you move.

Though moving and aiming at the same time might seem like a big thing, it’s the most important part of your self-defense that can either take your life or save your life. It is better to join a training program to master this skill. However, you can also practice moving and aiming simultaneously at home.

3.   Hide from the Threat

Now that you are moving and your gun is aimed at the target, your next question must be, where should you go? Find a cover that can block bullets or save/hide you from the attacker’s vision.

You can hide behind a wall, a car, trees, or maybe a can. Choose a place that can protect you from gunshots while you decide your next move. If you have an unarmed innocent with you, make sure you push/grab them with you toward a safe place.

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