22% of females in the US personally own a gun. If you are one of them, you will probably receive a lot of advice about carrying firearms. Though much of it is worth it, you must know what to digest and what to dump. Do you want to know how to conceal carry as a woman?

Figure out what makes YOU comfortable. Usually, you need to try a few methods before deciding what is suitable for you. The following are some of the best ways to conceal carry.

Concealed Carry for Women

1.   AIWB – Appendix, Inside the Waistband

If you have a round body shape, an ideal way to conceal carry is beside your appendix inside the waistband. Fix it between the hip bone and navel by mounting a holster onto your belt. You can adjust it according to your comfort.

Though this position might be uneasy for some women if they have to sit for longer durations, it is an ideal option for normal routines. It all depends on your body type and preferences. Besides, your holster and its placement also play a significant role.

2.   Corset Holsters

If you are looking for ways for deep concealment, corset holsters are the best choice. They are one of the best gun holsters for women. Other than helping you with positioning your firearms in the right place, corset holsters also shape your body in such a way that an oversized shirt will perfectly conceal the weapon.

Make sure you choose the right apparel that gives instant access to weapons. You can choose clothes that have draw-through pockets or are loose-fitting.

3.   Ankle Holsters

Similar to corset holders, they are made to wear around the ankle. They are super-concealable, easily accessible, and manageable during strenuous activities, such as running, jumping, etc.

However, you need to bend over to pull out the weapon from the ankle holster, so it is preferable for concealing backup.

4.   Purse Carry

An obvious option is to carry a weapon in your purse. However, if you are opting for this option, choose bags that are specifically made to conceal carry, so you can readily access the weapon when necessary.

Also, if you are carrying a gun in your purse, NEVER leave your purse unattended. Keep it attached to you at all times.


Don’t listen to what others have to say, not even this Fifty50 Official’s blog you are reading right now. Experience each method, and decide what makes YOU feel confident.