Unless you have a lot of experience regarding guns, you might believe everything you hear about firearms. It’s important you know about the popular gun myths and the truth behind them to avoid believing in something baseless.

Today, we will be debunking the four most popular gun myths. Let’s get into the details.

1.   Dropping a Gun Will Make it Go Off

The very first rule of owning a gun is to ensure safe handling. Whether the weapon is loaded or not, handle the weapon carefully, and don’t go anywhere near the trigger if you are not ready to shoot.

Considering you follow the first rule of safe handling, we will discuss one of the most popular myths. They say if you drop a gun, it will go off. However, this is false. All the weapons go through drop testing before being launched in the market, which means the chances of accidental discharges are minimal.

2.   Bullets Cause Sparks When Fired

You must have seen one of those action movies where the hero pulls the trigger in the climax scene, and the bullet comes out with flashing sparks. This portrayal has developed a myth that all shots cause sparks.

The bullets are made up of copper or some type of copper alloy, and this metal never creates a spark. It means no matter how fast the bullet is, it will never behave this way.

3.   Shooting can Cause You to Fly Backwards

There are several scenes in movies where the person firing the gun flies backward. Though you can try justifying this with Newton’s action and reaction law, it isn’t logical and falls under the category of myth.

For a person to fall backward as a reaction, the gun should have equal mass and power, which is missing. So, the myth of flying backward as a result of shooting is mere over-exaggeration.

4.   A Child Cannot Pull a Trigger

According to a survey, hundreds of children gain access to guns every year and unintentionally pull the trigger, causing harm to themselves and others, including fatal injuries. So don’t underestimate the children, and keep the guns away from their reach.

Besides, never keep your guns loaded. Make sure the guns are out of the reach of the children, locked, and unloaded.

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