People go into sports for different reasons. Some love the energetic feeling of being an athlete and the aura attached to competing, while others enjoy the bond of a sports team. The ratio doesn’t end there. More than a few engage in sports activities to keep fit or stay tone. However, not all sports would give you the athletic physique you might be looking to get. Golf certainly wouldn’t.

Physical Sports

You should keep reading if you’re looking to get fit or achieve a lean muscle tone via sports. Here’s a list of the top three physical sports that give tight physiques.

1. Boxing


Boxing is one physical sport that demands just as much heart as it does muscle. Its principal fundamentals revolve around throwing a punch correctly, when to throw it, and how to defend yourself against one. While you might not necessarily have to lift to be a decent boxer, you’d still need to work your core, arm, neck, and leg muscles to stay active and assertive.

Boxers do a lot of road work and jump ropes to stay light on their feet. They’re not necessarily intentional about having toned biceps or triceps. However, working on a punching bag, pads, mitts, and even shadow boxing naturally tones the arm muscles. They also do loads of sit-ups to keep their abdomens tight and strong.

2. Surfing


Surfers are incredibly fit athletes. Like boxing, it takes a lot of core strength to surf as most of the work engages the core while riding sea waves. Due to their workout regimen and the intensity of paddling and leg work, surfers almost always keep a streamlined physique. Their workout regimen includes tons of planking and mobility drills, amongst other forms of calisthenics.

3. Swimming


If there were a list of sports that work every muscle composition of the body, swimming would most certainly be at the top of the list. A two-hour daily swimming session would help burn fat, improve core strength, and increase muscle tone.

Of course, swimming wouldn’t make you as muscled as Dwayne Johnson or Henry Cavil, but it might make you just as fit as they are. The mix of swimming and jogging could get you fitter than a horse.

Alongside swimming, surfing, and boxing, other high-intensity fitness sports include sprinting, gymnastics, tennis, and bouldering. And if you’re still reading and perhaps eager to keep a fit and adventurous lifestyle, check out Fifty50official’s next event. We’ll always have a slot for you.