Safe handling of your gun falls upon you as your most fundamental responsibility. In order for the accidents to be reduced to zero, It is very crucial for all gun owners to be well-cognizant of these safety precautions. We would like you to know the 5 golden rules for safe and secure gun handling.

unloaded firearms in a locked hard-sided container

1.     Always Point Your Gun in A Safe Direction

Joking around with a gun might not be as fun as it seems. It can seriously maim the other person, if not kill them. Always keep your gun pointing in a safe direction. In addition, make sure it never faces anyone you are not intending to shoot. The best way to handle a gun is to point it towards the ground, at a safe distance from your feet.

2.     Make Sure to Unload Your Gun When You Are Intending To Use

If your gun is not being used, always make sure to double check that it’s unloaded. Always make sure to turn the safety of your gun on before you start unloading. And always make sure to clean it afterwards.

3.     Always treat your gun as if it is loaded.

This is perhaps the most important safety precaution there is. It is totally possible that you might accidentally press on the trigger, and trust me, you do not want that to happen. Always remember to rest your finger at the side of the gun.

4.     Always using the right protective paraphernalia

Firstly, sufficient protective gear while using your gun is very important because exposure to shooting noise seriously damages your hearing ability very seriously. In addition, you should also consider wearing eye protection while cleaning or disassembling your gun. It would protect your eyes from any spring or other solvent to fly in your eye. There is a very wide variety of protective paraphernalia available.

5.     Always using the right ammunition

Using the wrong kind of ammunition can be detrimental for your gun and can easily cause you massive personal damage. That is to say, every gun has its distinct ammunition which is usually printed on either the barrel of the gun, or the box. Always make sure that you are using the right kind of ammunition for your firearms, and it matches with the specifications carried within the gun. 

Always follow all the safety precautions, develop all the right shooting habits, and make absolutely no mistake about it. Visit Fifty50 if you wish to learn more about gun laws and safety.