Believe it or not, becoming a successful YouTuber is more than just creating a few videos and uploading them. It takes time, skill, and creativity. Got that in spades? If so, check out what to do next to become famous on YouTube.

1. Pick a Theme

Most well-known YouTubers don’t just post random action videos doing whatever they want. Instead, they become famous singing and playing music, streaming games, or producing video essays. Find what you’re passionate about and make that the theme of your channel, whether it’s cars, travel, or cooking. Don’t forget to follow other creators of the same vein! You’ll find there’s usually a strong community and opportunities for collaboration.


2. Get the Right Equipment

While some creators can get by using the camera on their phone that just doesn’t fly for the professionals. To really make it on YouTube, you’ll need to have a decent camera, lighting, a microphone, and a good editing software. Many editing programs offer free trials, so you can upgrade as you start getting more views.

3. Post Frequently

To get a steady following, you’ll need to have a consistent schedule. Fans will flock to you if they know you upload every Thursday, for instance, more so than if you post content sporadically. The more videos you have, too, the more likely you’ll show up on someone’s search. Following trends and using hashtags will help with that, as well.

4. Monetize Your Channel

Once you have steady followers—at least a thousand—you can monetize and run ads through YouTube studio. It may not seem like much money at first, especially since you only get 68% of the revenue, but as your views grow, so will your wallet and your status as a professional YouTube video maker.

5. Follow Fifty50

Here’s an industry secret—no one starts out without some help. Fifty50’s blogs and YouTube videos have a ton of resources and ideas for videos, no matter what you’re into! (Though we do focus on guns and cars, which are great starts for your own channel!) Sound like a plan? Follow Fifty50 today!