For decades, car racing has been an integral part of American culture. It’s not just a sport. It’s a lifestyle worthy of all the hype the media pushes forward.
Being a pro racer takes so much dedication, skill, and prep time. You could be a good driver, but that doesn’t necessarily make you a good racer. What then makes a good car racer?


Below are the main highlights of how a pro racer trains for a race.

Fitness training

Car racing is a sport of skill and immense physicality. For some unknown reason, the pro racers’ training regimen doesn’t make any waves in the media. Nonetheless, it’s a lot of hard work. Formula 1 drivers are known to dedicate eight weeks to the gym before each racing season begins. Racers engage in fitness training to withstand the rigor of competing.

During the first four weeks of training, the drivers work to maintain a low body fat percentage through diet and exercise. They do loads of aerobic conditioning to improve their flexibility, durability, and oxygen usage. Then they spend the subsequent week working on their reflex, shoulder and hip mobility, and recovery.

Track training

While working to stay physically fit, pro racers also spend hours on the track field. They work endlessly on making the sharpest and fastest turns, the quickest shifts and drifts. Race drivers not only train to drive fast but also on how to react to other drivers’ navigations. They know when to stay in position and sneak through open spaces.

Mental training

With three to four weeks left, some drivers focus more on their mentality. They might camp with their team to stay focused and shielded from external pressure. Such camps help racers bond with their mechanics and cars, master tracks, and perfect their reactions. The camp’s ultimate goal is to build the driver’s confidence in his team, game plan, and abilities.


Generally, racers know to stay on a low-fat diet. However, the meals before race day are very crucial. To avoid digestive complications, drivers must remain true to their original diet. And on race day, they should know to avoid heavy meals and foods that could disrupt their blood sugar levels.

It is interesting to know how much work pro racers put into each competition. And you can put in the work too. If you’re looking to start a racing career for the fun of it or to turn pro someday, Fifty50official is your best bet. Look out for our next racing event.