A survey conducted in 2021 showed about 42% of US households claim the possession of one gun. That’s a very alarming statistic. Considering the rising number of gun owners, many states have introduced the gun surrender program. Here is what you need to know about this program.

How Can You Surrender a Gun?

Say you have a gun that has led to an unfavorable circumstance, or you simply don’t want to keep it, and someone tells you to surrender it. What would be your first reaction? It’s natural to be scared of surrendering guns because a lot of questions and investigations usually accompany it.

However, surrender programs have made the process hassle-free and favorable for many gun owners. You can turn in the gun in a buyback or gun surrender program.

●     Surrender Program

These programs allow you to surrender the gun with minimum or no investigation. Anyone can come and turn in any gun or firearm, and he won’t be asked questions unless he has an open criminal warrant against him. It is, by far, one of the best ways to get rid of guns without causing any trouble.

●     Buyback Program

Do you know you can surrender a gun and receive cash in return? Yes, you can surrender a gun by selling it for a small amount. You won’t be asked questions, and you will get money. What else would one want?

We at Fifty50 Forever Home offer an anonymous buyback program for all your unwanted guns.

How to Surrender a Gun Involved in a Crime?

Sometimes, people are scared of turning in guns because they believe the weapon might be involved in some crime they might end up being framed for. However, the process has become hassle-free under these surrender programs.

If you surrender a gun that is involved in a crime, you won’t be questioned. You wouldn’t face any problem as long as you don’t have an open criminal warrant against you. However, investigations might be carried out by doing fingerprint tests, but it probably won’t affect you.

Is Your Identification Required to Surrender a Gun?

Yes, identification of the seller or the person voluntarily surrendering the gun is necessary to ensure they don’t have any open warrants against their name. However, if you are worried it might affect you negatively in the future, fret not.

Your identification details are not used for any other purpose than verification.

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