You most likely know how to use a gun if you own one. But how well do you know your weapon? Using a firearm entails more than one’s ability to pull the trigger.

Guns are like cars. General fundamentals govern their usage, but each has a different characteristic that makes it stand out.

If you look back at the old West, you’d agree that the movies featured quite the exaggeration on how much shooting happened at that time. But one thing that wasn’t necessarily overstated was the high level of gun literacy in that era.

Today, gun literacy is on a steady decline, and that’s not much of a good thing. If you own a gun for the thrill of shooting at the range or for defense purposes, you should acquaint yourself with how your firearm works and what it needs to stay functional.

How do guns work?

Whatever you work with, glocks, rifles, revolvers, as long as you have a mechanism designed to eject a projectile through a tube and at the impact of a controlled explosion, then you own a firearm.

The above definition, though sparse, might cover another tech, but it exposes the basic design of every firearm. A typical gun is a tube that holds and fires projectiles. When you pull a trigger, you begin a chain of events within that tube—the firing pin ignites the gunpowder, setting off a tight explosion that pushes out a bullet.

If you think about the number of bullets modern guns expel in milliseconds, the above description might seem a little surreal, but it’s how it works.

Let’s take a look at calibers and bullets.

The caliber.

Caliber is a common term used in movies and news stories. It’s easy to confuse caliber as another synonym for ‘bullet.’ It’s not.

Caliber refers to the measurement and other distinct physical qualities of a cartridge. On the other hand, the cartridge is the casing that holds the bullets and the gunpowder.

A bullet caliber is measured in proportion to the size of its gun. Thereby making every bullet specification strictly particular to just one gun. Think of it as the gun’s fingerprint, distinct and unique in shape and size.

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