Are you also a technological geek who awaits the takeover of bots over the world? If so, you need to know that AI weapon systems have arrived!

A contemporary addition to warfare, AI weapons have taken both the media and the military by storm. If you are a hardcore GTA fan, this is probably a dream come true for you!

AI Weapon Systems

Because who can understand AI weapons more than we millennials? People who have spent their entire childhoods on their gaming consoles picking out soldiers in Project IGI.

The military benefits immensely from such a modern technological approach. However, the media is still concerned about the extent of its power. Because, as Uncle Benjamin said to Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. And we couldn’t agree more!

AI Weapons Summarized

For people who actually spent their childhoods on a more productive activity than playing video games, here is exactly what AI weapon systems are. Artificial intelligence weapons are ammunition that can function autonomously. This means they do not require much human intervention. They are particular about their target because of their recognition ability. Thus, they are also called killer bots and are such a sore topic for the moral police.


AI weapons are lethal and might seem barbaric to a few. However, undoubtedly, they would be an immense advantage when at war. Additionally, they spare soldiers from a hands-on face-off on the battlefield. Because trust us when we say the shooting is only enjoyable when done in Call of Duty.

AI weapon systems are also more efficient at particular missions than human soldiers. In fact, most AI ammunition can operate even when the communication is severed. This basically gives the military a queen move on the battlefield.

Magnitude of Power

AI weapon systems might seem cool to talk about. But we must not underestimate the potential of the destruction they can cause when in the wrong hands. That’s basically the plot of every Sci-fi and Superhero movie summarized right there.


To conclude, AI weapons continue to be a hot topic for debate among people of different views. In 2013, a campaign to stop killer robots was launched. Humanitarian values are agreeable. However, we cannot ignore the role of AI weapon systems in boosting military power. Now, 10 years later the world is still divided. Countries like Russia, the USA, Israel, etc., have been working on these AI weapons for a decade now. What do you think? We at FIFTY50 Official await your views over AI weapons!