Almost 2,409,585 firearms were manufactured in the US in 2020 alone. All these weapons are being processed today because of the innovations of the top weapon system designers.

When it comes to firearm designers, the following 4 left an everlasting impact on the weapon industry.

John Browning

The discussion about firearm designers is incomplete without mentioning John Browning. He is famous for his revolutionary designs and the fact that he worked on almost all types of weapons, pistols, rifles, machine guns, etc.

He designed his first weapon at the age of thirteen. Most of his weapons are still in use, which is why he is considered one of the best. His famous designs include the M1911 pistol, Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR), Browning Hi-Power, and 9mm Browning Long cartridge.

Hugo Schmeisser

You can assess the impact of Hugo Schmeisser on the weapon industry by the fact that he is the founding father of the submachine gun and assault rifle. Hugo’s father was also a weapon designer. So, Hugo grew up among weapons and firearms and designed the straight magazine for MP-38/40 in the 1930s.

Besides his great works, one of his noteworthy contributions is the AK-47. Hugo wasn’t the designer of the AK-47, but he was an influential part of the process.

John T. Thompson

The next person on the weapon system designers’ list is the father of the black gun. Though the initial design Thompson made was known as Tommy Gun, his century-old design is an excellent contribution to today’s black guns.

He was an army official. After he left the army, he became the chief engineer at Remington Arms Company. At that time, Remington was the world’s largest production plant for small arms.

His noteworthy designs include the Thompson Submachine Gun and the .45 ACP cartridge.

Eugene Stoner

Stoner made a great deal of contribution in designing rifles. Back in 1954, the only success for Stoner was the AR-5. Little did he know he would radically impact the rifle industry.

Soon after, Stoner designed the AR-10. But to his disappointment, the US army rejected the design. After a few changes, Stoner introduced the AR-15, which was readily accepted and is now widely known as the M16.

Besides the M16, Stoner designed a lot of small arms for the army and the Stoner 63 Weapon System.

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