We’ve all daydreamed about being like our favorite gunslinger. Maybe we want to crack a whip at some bad guys like Indiana Jones. Or, we want to speed off in a getaway car like in Ocean’s Eleven. Whether your genre of choice is an adventure, heist, superhero, or western, they all have elements of action that make our hearts race. What if you could actually visit one of those iconic locations here in the States? Read on!

Times Square (New York, New York)

Firstly, one of the most famous film locations in the world, Times Square has seen its share of action scenes. Who can forget Steve Rogers running into the city in the first Captain America? Or, who can forget De Niro with his iconic guns in Taxi Driver? Though times have definitely changed, a New York City adventure is always in style. In addition, you don’t even need your firearms to feel the power there.

Los Angeles, California

Secondly, there’s Fox Plaza from Die Hard, Ronnie’s Automotive Service from Transformers, the Sanctuary Adventist Church where parts of Kill Bill were filmed—you name it, and LA has got it. From classic shootouts to huge AI weapon systems like in Iron Man, the City of Angels has no shortage of thrilling battle locations for you to explore.

Atlanta, Georgia

In the last few years, Georgia has become a powerhouse for film and television, with 54 Billion being spent on it in 2021. There even was an entire street shut down for one of the car chase scenes in Baby Driver! So while you can’t necessarily zoom as fast as Baby, you can feel like an action hero or movie maker as you stroll down Newnan Court Square and reminisce about Zombieland (surprisingly filmed in Atlanta!) or peer at the Goat Farm Arts Center, otherwise known as the District 12 Justice Building from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.


Last but not least, there are many parts of the state that had iconic filming locations if you’re up for a road trip! You can start at Bluejohn Canyon and remember where Aron Ralston became trapped in 127 Hours. Or see the actual canyon Thelma and Louise drove off of, which is (contrary to popular belief) not the Grand Canyon, but Dead Horse Point near Moab. Just be sure to bring a buddy if you plan on exploring some of these remote locations. And make plenty of travel diaries for your YouTube channel! Maybe you’ll even get featured on ours!

So, are you inspired, worldly, and ready to become an action video creator yourself? Let us know what you make here at Fifty50!