We’ve all seen at least two or three YouTube video creators going to crazy lengths for views, right? Stuff that makes us wonder if they are unhinged or just plain stupid.

However, we promise you that whatever you’ve seen isn’t even going to compare to the juicy stuff we’ve got for you. Read on to find out some of the most extreme stunts in the history of YouTubing!

YouTube Video Creators Known for Extreme Stunts

Here are 3 YouTube Video Creators That are Known for Their Extreme Stunts:

1.  8 Booth

8 Booth is a YouTube video creator well known for his pool jumping videos. Now you’re probably shrugging it off, thinking, “anybody can do that.” But wait until you see him jumping off extremely high buildings into shallow pools. Yes, you read that right—shallow pools.

It was all fun and games until his last vlog, where he fell feet first into the pool. And what’s more, the YouTuber recounts seeing literal bone fragments in the water. You can also see him dragging himself out of the pool with both his feet bent at grotesque angles. The sight isn’t delightful and isn’t meant for the faint at heart.

However, this hasn’t affected his mantra, and he is back with his insane stunts!

2.  Muhammed Bahçecik

Well known for his anticipating videos, Bahçecik is insanely famous all around the globe for burying himself alive. You guessed it right, another publicity stunt.

Bahçecik made this ridiculous promise to his followers in exchange for a considerable amount of likes. The likes immediately started coming in like hotcakes. The guy then went ahead and buried himself in a custom-made glass coffin. However, he wasn’t foolish and kept an ambulance on standby in emergencies.

What’s more, he also went to disturbing lengths and held a funeral for himself. With all the formalities too! Then he left his fate up to nothing more than monitoring devices. Six hours later, the YouTuber clambered out of the coffin all fine and dandy, calling it a day.

3.  James Potok

Potok’s attempt at going viral almost landed him in jail. On his flight from Toronto to Jamaica, the YouTuber jokingly claimed he wasn’t feeling well and had recently visited “Hunan, China.” This caused massive panic among the passengers due to the rising Covid-19, and Potok was isolated immediately.

The sequence of events doesn’t stop there. His desperate attempts at a viral video caused the entire flight to return to Toronto. After finding out the claim had been a hoax, Potok was arrested for mischief.

What do you think about these YouTube video creators and their stunts for fame? We at Fifty50 official are anticipating you