Many beautiful sceneries can simply blow your mind with just one glance, and seeing almost all of them are on my bucket list. We could be talking about waterfalls, mountain top views, boiling lakes, and any other adrenalin-causing sceneries. However today, we will be going in-depth about locations where you can watch Volcanic Eruptions… safely.

If you have been wondering what lava, magma, basalt, and crater look like up close ever since you read about it in your elementary textbook, we are about to make your dreams come true… Kind of.

We all know that our beautiful earth is surrounded by many miraculously stunning events. Fifty50 does not want you to miss out on them at all. This is why today we are about to appreciate the world’s 3 best spots you can watch volcanic eruptions.

Mount Vesuvius.

Let’s start with the world’s most famous volcano, Vesuvius. More known as the natural disaster that took the Roman city of Pompeii under its arms… or its lava. If you are not already familiar with the famous story of the volcanic eruption that killed thousands of people, now is your chance to see the coming ones with your own eyes.

Now let me tell you this, this Italian volcano has been dormant since early 1940, however many experts think that only means one thing; another eruption is on its way so be careful!

Sakurajima, Kyushu

Sailing, hiking, and even flying, you have a chance to see Japan’s Sakurajima and its stunning performance. With an average of 800 eruptions per year, volcanic eruptions are not a rare occurrence and there are even people who live right at the foot of the volcanic mountain.

Did you know? There are even days when the Sakurajima erupts three times a day!

According to how active it is, the Japanese volcano is dangerous enough so it is advised to stay away from it for at least two kilometers. However, do not expect to be alone when you go there since Sakurajima attracts many tourists every year.

Are you ready to see the beauty of Sakurajima? I know I am!

Mayon Volcano

Last erupted in 2019, this Philippines volcano is known to be one of the most symmetrical volcanoes in the entire world. It is also the most active volcano found in the Philippines. The Mayon volcano erupts splurging its lava to a height of five hundred meters.

Watching the Mayon volcano erupt is a risky business. Even the people living close to it evacuate their homes when an eruption is expected. However, no worries, you can still admire the beauty from a safe distance. Or if you want to trek up the mountain you have to get ready for some serious business. With a trail difficulty of 7 out of 10, you can take your chance and head to Legazpi, and start your two-day journey!

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