Up for a new adventure and want to learn scuba diving? Me too! Scuba diving has been one of the most adventurous, informative and life changing sports . Invented in 1947 by Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan, scubas have given us a chance to explore a whole new world, under the ocean. So, what should you expect if you’re a newbie and ready for a new exploration? Here are 4 things get ready to see and experience and what to expect when scuba diving.

1. Get ready to feel weightless

This is one of the best parts of scuba diving, feeling weightless! Relax your head and body and let the water take control. You don’t get this chance when you’re on the ground, so take advantage of the moment. You can also feel free to move up and down, any way you like it. Practice your slow breathing before going on a dive and listen to your instructor carefully, and remember they are there to help you. Be ready to move freely with gravity offset by buoyancy. However, your movements should be slow or else you will end up tiring yourself and cutting the dive short.

2. Get ready for limited vision

Scuba diving is not for claustrophobics. When putting on your scuba mask, you will have to move your head all around to see clearly. So, do not worry when you don’t see your instructor, friends or whatever you’re looking for at first. Did you know that light behaves completely different when you are under water? Everything will start to appear closer than they are. Many divers have advised that touching objects or people can help your brain learn the difference and make your dive easier. Just a side note, do not touch fish or any other aquatic life while you’re on a touching spree!

3. Get ready to have the urge to pee

You should’ve already expected this. Just as being in a pool gives you the urge to pee, it is the same in scuba diving. It’s perfectly natural to have this urge, so do not be ashamed. Surrounded by water that is lower than your body temperature gives you the psychological reaction to pee. In addition to that, the urge of peeing comes from the coldness of the water and when we’re under water, the effect of gravity is decreased.  Some divers pee in their suit, but if you feel disgusted by that, you can simply end the dive.

4. Get ready to enter a noisy environment

You may think that scuba diving is peaceful, silent, with only the sound of fish swimming. Nope, not at all.  Starting from your own underwater breathing, you will hear plenty of noise. The bubbles rushing to the surface, the sound of your inhalation, sound waves traveling, and many more. Since you are underwater, the sound waves will reach to your ear faster than when you are above it. Although it is true that professional divers later learn how to tune out these voices, but when you are a beginner and all new to the experience, those sounds can be pretty annoying.

 Do not worry, scuba diving can feel a bit weird at first. However, it is a chance for you to feel like a fish! Put on your gear and have a swim, but don’t forget to have extra fun!

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