Are you someone who believes in living life to the fullest? Are you someone who is always on the lookout for their next adventure? Here we have made a list of three of the most dangerous pedestrian bridges in the world that you might want to cross once in your lifetime.

The Hussaini Suspension Bridge, Pakistan

Located in Northern Pakistan’s Hunza region, the Hussaini Hanging bridge is known as one of the scariest bridges in the world. The narrow old bridge on the Hunza River connects two small Pakistani villages, namely, Zarabad and Hussain.

he bridge is made with locally sourced materials and can be extremely risky to navigate. The planks and ropes often get damaged by the wind and extreme weather conditions. The gaps between the boards are significantly huge, which gets even broader with broken planks in places. While crossing the bridge, you can see the remnants of a previous bridge that got destroyed by the winds.

Although the bridge was made solely for the locals, it attracts adventure-lovers from all over the world who want to have this heart-pounding experience amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Karakoram Mountain range.

The Trift Bridge, Switzerland

Trift Bridge is the highest suspension bridge in Europe. The 558-feet long bridge located near the town of Gadmen in the Swiss Alps is one of the favorites among the adventure-lovers. The bridge was built in 2004 by the big corporations that had hydroelectric projects at the Trift Glacier.
In 2009, the authority replaced the original bridge and installed additional stabilizing steel ropes. Despite this modernization, the bridge didn’t lose its charm and adventure.

The Trift bridge provides a 360-degree panoramic view of Lake Triftsee and its turquoise blue water. If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing wilderness while feeling thrilled by the adventure, the Trift bridge is your destination.

To reach the bridge, you will need to take a gondola from Gadmen valley, and then there’s a challenging 1.5-hour uphill climb.

The Casena Claviere Tibetan Bridge, Italy

Suspended inside a canyon, the Tibetan bridge of Clavier is the longest bridge of its kind in the world. The bridge, locally called the Ponte Tibetano, is located 62 miles west of Turin, next to the France border.

The bridge follows the architecture of the Tibetan footbridges, where the cables strung across a gap hold the slats. The route runs along the Gorge of San Gervasio and consists of a series of three bridges. The first one is around 250 feet long, followed by the main bridge. At the end of this main bridge, a path will take you to the final bridge, 300 feet long and 300 feet above the ground.
The bridges remain open for tourists during the summer unless the weather condition gets particularly bad.

So, are you ready to take up the challenge? Let us know your experience.

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