Here is a list of some of the best movies you mustn’t miss out on:

Movies you mustn't miss out

1- Skyfall

First, let’s start with the Skyfall. An action-packed, beautiful, well-written, and smart entry to the Bond franchise, this movie will let you enjoy everything–from cars to romance to spy gadgets and guns.

2- Terminator

A science fiction, action-packed thriller, Terminator will leave you feeling an adrenaline rush as you are introduced to robots with human skin.

3- Mad Max- Fury Road

In the age where superheroes are created using CGI, George Miller reminds us how originality is brought into action movies.

4- The Godfather

 Best acting, best written, and one of the most beautiful films about the experience of immigration ever created. Most modern clichés were developed through this movie.

5- Baby Driver

A doc forces baby who was a getaway driver to take part in a heist while threatening to hurt his girlfriend in case he refuses. You will see amazing driving skills in this action-packed film.

6- Fast and Furious (Series)

If you’re into hot women, fast cars, money, and action–you can’t possibly miss the Fast and Furious series.

7- In the Heat of the Night

The best representation of the wrong men at the wrong place at the wrong time.

8- Iron Man

Iron Man is a superhero movie and was able to launch one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood.

9- The Matrix (Series)

One of the greatest action movies ever created.  To sum it up, it combines our greatest loves (weapons, cars, and beautiful people) into a 2-hour and 16-minute joy ride.   

10- Parasite

A psychological thriller, this movie can be related to the current events of the pandemic planet earth is facing. It outlines the evils involved in capitalism and a relentless pursuit of gaining wealth.

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