Are you the type of traveler that travels for the nature, the culture, or the shops, or are you a bit different? By different, I mean instead of hanging by the beach, leaving your comfort to explore not a haunted house, not an abandoned building but a haunted cave! Many brave hearted people choose to accompany scary creatures for the love of mystery, darkness, and fear. Well, did you know that humans have used caves throughout the history to bury people? So, you don’t have to worry, ghosts might accompany you on your journey. The mystery of what you’ll face in the cave is both awesome and scary. Let’s see some of the scariest caves ever found. Don’t worry, I’ll pop some fun facts about caves here and there so that you won’t be too scared!

The Hellfire Caves

I know, I know, we started with a strong one, but you knew what you were getting yourself into!
If you didn’t already guess it, this cave was home to devil worship, satanic rituals, and secret hellfire club meetings. Before it being a tourist attraction, the hellfire cave was a destination chosen by high society members and aristocrats to mimic religious rituals. The cave with a satanic past was excavated by Sir Francis Dashwood in the 1700s.

Although people have stopped living in an underground cave for so long, that isn’t the case for this cave. Ever since 1863, this historic cave became touristic site. In order to ensure safety, electricity has been installed and even has a built-in gift shop! However, people still tell stories about the echoes, weird noises they hear, the chills they get while walking inside, and the fear.

The Hellhole Cave

You really didn’t expect the names of the caves be something fun and bubbly, did you? Hellhole might be the right choice for this one. If you love bats, then you’ll fit right in because this 28-mile-long cave is home to 6 different species of bats! Their squeaking sound is enough to give you a chill down the spine while walking through the cave. The exploration of this cave began in the 1940s and has an average of 47 °F (8 °C) degrees. Apart from that, having only 1 entrance, be ready for all the cold air trapped throughout the winter to welcome you in.

Okay time for a fun fact to blow of the steam : apart from the word “caving”, potholing and spelunking also mean exploring a cave.

The Krubera Cave

Also known as “the Voronya cave”, found in Georgia, deep down in the mountains of the Arabika Massif, near the black sea. You know, just in case you wanted to go. After a Ukrainian speleologist was excavating and reached a depth deeper than any other, it was declared as the world’s deepest cave in 2001! It was so deep that it gained the name “Everest” of the caves. How cool is that? Krubera cave is not yet fully explored. However it is known that many insects and creatures, such as spiders and scorpions, call it home. Imagine 1,017 Shaquille O’Neals on top of each other, only to reach the depth reached in the Krubera Cave.

Fun fact: The Krubera cave is named after Alexander Kruber who was a Russian geologist.

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