Popular Off Roads Cars

At Fifty50, we know the off-road car industry is growing with the high-performance vehicle market said to reach crazy valuation by 2027. How come? To begin with, cars are an expensive buy and people want to make sure they get the most bang for their buck. Not only do people need a car that is durable and safe, but they want the best technology and to be able to drive in versatile environments for the price they pay to own and maintain it. And off-road toys are not cheap. Whether you are living on a remote island off the coast of South East Asia or a luxurious part of the Mediterranean, here is a list of cars that we recommend.

What You Want In A Car

When you live on an island, with rough roads, exponential heat during the day, humidity during the night, beaches, villages, and hills to motor through, you want a car that is going to get you out of any tough situation easily. Your fancy car would look amazing in the sun and the nicely-paved roads circuiting paradise, but when it comes to getting to that secret beach or trekking up a mountain to catch that sunset, a Jeep Wrangler is always a winner.

The Jeep Wrangler For Everything!

Smooth Cruising

Jeep Wranglers are stylish, compact, and heavy-duty. And we can understand why. This ex-military veteran vehicle is one of the greatest products from the American Motor Industry selling over a quarter of a million units in 2020. The Jeep Wrangler is consistently added to the top ten off-road lists for valid reasons. It can make its way through masses of mud, flooded roads, cracked or sandy terrain, and powdered snow.


If the island you live on gets hot during peak season, there is nothing better than driving along with no roof above your head. Jeep Wranglers tops come down giving you an intense breeze and the whole experience adds to the drive. It also looks insanely stylish. You can fit your surfboards, BBQ, and your group of friends and take them along for the ride.

Easy To Repair

One of the biggest hurdles in island living is keeping your Jeep Wrangler in prime condition. Your car is going through the trenches and will eventually need a part replaced or fixed. The right mechanic is not always easy to find and even when you do know a good one or have decided to fix the car yourself with a YouTube tutorial, chances are the part is not available in any store and you will be waiting weeks, if not months, for any package to arrive. Jeep Wranglers, on the other hand, are plentiful in most islands and have their own circle of owners fixing and selling parts to each other.