Welcome to Fifity50Official’s heart pounding, blood racing, adrenaline filled list of adventure activities that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

1. Skydiving

Jumping out of a flying airplane into freefall and nose diving right down to the ground. Just like you’re flying like an eagle is an incredible feeling.  When you finally open the parachute and sail into the sky may be the number one adrenaline filled activity you should be trying. Visit Dubai or get a bird’s eye view of the glittering Las Vegas. These are just two famous places for skydiving though. You will several more around the world!

2. Ziplinging

Treetop and mountain top ziplines have magnificent views and offer you an exhilarating experience. A must try for anyone who’s looking to hang and enjoy a view from the top.

3. Bridge Climbing

Well, this one isn’t for everyone and anyone- Only the ones who are really crazy and have an extra dose of adrenaline. Although, nowadays bridges have rungs that can be held on to and almost everyone can enjoy these. This activity offers you some next level views and a thrill.

4. Exotic Car renting and driving

Exotic cars- luxury sedans- vintage classics- not all of us can afford to buy one of these, but they surely are a dream for most of us. Well, thanks to the vendors, we can now rent out our dream at an affordable rate and enjoy the luxury or the speed or simply the feel of being rich without actually putting in the hundreds and millions of dollars on the cars.

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