What is it?

What is a detachable carriage? Well, that is a question that cannot be deemed as “easy” to answer. It goes by the name Dock+Go, but as the name would suggest, it isn’t anything near to a dock or a portable iPhone.

As the name advocates, the caboose is attached or “docked” to a car. It’s strapped like a backpack,” Rinspeed says, which not exactly sounds safe but defines what it really is. It’s basically an extension for the Smart car introduced by the company.

One of the features of a detachable carriage includes an extended bed that can be added to the smart car. This bed has a battery which provides power to the car for extended mileage and more power.

Alongside, Smart has an option of an energy pack which makes the car a six-wheeler! So, Dock+Go is a load increasing, range extending, and volume-expanding clip for Smart cars.

What does this predict about the future?

All in all, range-extended electric or hybrid cars will be the norm. The Chevrolet Volt and Fisher Karma uses the same technology. The engine would charge the battery and the battery would power the car up. In future, car companies are expected to further improve the electric and hybrid technology in their cars.

What figures does the car have?

Well, it isn’t like the fastest Tesla neither the most economical, but its ergonomic design and two-seater capacity go well with a 70 BHP, 1.0-liter engine along with a sequential five speed gearbox. With the dock attached, this makes the Smart a six-wheeler, four-wheel drive car.

Does it actually work?

If the concept car is out, the real one might just turn out to be a reality. But of course, none of us can be absolutely sure until it is finalized. So, let’s just wait and see how in future we might be able to detach extra carriages from our Smart car.

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