Knowing how many animals there are in the world is no easy thing. Can you even count how many species of animals there are in your neighborhood? I’m not only talking about your pets, don’t forget the different types of birds, insects and other creatures found too. No matter how much of an animal expert you are, I’m sure there are still animals you have no idea that exists. Here is the list of 5 weirdest animals found on our planet earth.

1. Megamouth Shark

Weighting 2700 pounds, megamouth sharks are named literally, after their mega – mouth. After being discovered in 1976, they have been declared as one of the largest sharks. Don’t worry,  you have very few chances of seeing them, because scientists believe that they live most of their lives in the dark and only come near the surface during nighttime.

2. Platypus

Thanks to Perry (from the animation), they are not so much weird, however many don’t know that a platypus is an actual animal, not just a cartoon.  Platypuses can live both underwater and on land. Unlike the platypus some of us know in our childhood, they are venomous.

3. Blobfish

No bones and no muscle, these jelly fish like species grow about 12 inches long. Blobfish are found deep in the ocean, about 4000 feet beneath the surface. My guess is that they are insecure of their looks. I mean after all; they were voted as the world’s ugliest animal.

4. Aye-aye

I want to take back what I said earlier about the blobfish and its ugliness, because I think we have a new winner. These animals live solitary after they grow up. They have extremely unusual toes and fingers, helping them to climb up the tree. As if they are not creepy enough, aye-ayes have a rat like teeth which made scientist assume that it was a rodent at first.

5. Sparklemuffin

Nope, this is not something a 5-year-old named her pet, this is an actual very cute spider. Never thought I would use the words cute and spider in the same sentence, but here we are. Scientifically named “maratus jactatus”, they are 5 mm long, colorful and have the ability to jump lengths 50 times their size. Please, just do yourself a favor and check out sparklemuffin spider dance on YouTube.

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