A mystery or any series of unexplained events — Something in them is so fascinating for horror and thriller lovers.

 A terrific way to discover more about such adventures is by experiencing them firsthand. What is a better idea than a haunted place to satisfy your adventurer spirit?

 You get to experience the spookiness of that very place where those stories all began.

 So — We bring you the 5 haunted places to visit around the world. Read their horror tales and select the one seeming most thrilling for your next adventure!

1. Sammie Dean, Jerome, USA

Jerome, a place that once had 15,000 residents, now consists of only 400 residents.

A series of paranormal events have left this, once a populated place, deserted.

Sammie Dean, a prostitute strangled to death by a customer in the old Crib District, still wanders, searching for her killer throughout the town.

2. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, USA

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is Formerly known as Weston State Hospital.

During the American Civil War, mental health patients were subjected to numerous tortures.

Visitors said they heard screams and shouting in some parts of the building when they were the only visitors.

Many paranormal experts have agreed that those screams are from the people who once were mental health patients in the hospital.

3. The Eden Brown Estate, St. Kitts

Once upon a time, a wealthy man gifted the island of St. Kitts to his daughter Julia Huggins and her fiancé.

Things took a horrible turn when the groom and his best man were killed in mysterious circumstances.

Residents say that they still see the spirit of those people roaming around the island.

4. Rose Hall Plantation in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Rose Hall Plantation is the residence of the famous Jamaican ghost, The White Witch.

Legends say that the White Witch practiced black magic with Voodoo dolls.

She did a spell on herself that went wrong. As a result, it trapped her inside her house even after she died!

5. Alcatraz in California, USA

We’ve saved the most mysterious one for the last!

Alcatraz — One of the most haunted places to visit around the world.

Legends say that whoever went into this prison island never came out alive.

It was closed in 1963. Thrill-seekers still visit this place and have reported feeling icy inside, even when it is burning outside.


Now, are you still brave enough to visit these places? If yes, then you are one of those thrill-seekers looking for an adventure. Remember, if you can’t see something, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t there.

We, at Fifty50, are waiting to listen to your horror adventure in the comments below — In case you come back alive…!