Small cars, long cars, smart cars, sport cars…I can keep on going. None of them might sound strange to you. You see them in the streets, you might even ride them. However, trust me when I say there are some vehicles that will make you say “What the???…”  The only weird cars we have seen might be the ones we used to draw when we were kids. However, get ready, because today, you will see some more.

1. General Motors Firebird 1 XP-21

No, this is not a jet, this is a sports car. This engine was made in 1953 to test a new design, A vehicle that looks like a missile more than a car. It had 370 horsepower rated at 13,000 RPM. However, due to it being impractical, only one person was ever considered qualified to operate it, Emmett Conklin, aka the leader of the project. However, later a driver named Mauri Rose drove the strange looking car only to slow it down after 100 mph with the fear of crashing. I don’t know about you, but I think this would’ve been more fit in a military base.

2. Ferrari (Pininfarina) 512 S Modulo

The name is for sure familiar to you, but the look, not so much. This spaceship-looking race car was designed by a design firm called “Pininfarina” for a motor show. This low wedge car had no traditional car doors. Instead, for you to get in, the glass roof slides forward. Did you know? Ferrari 512 S Modulo won 22 international design awards. If you want it, you can get it only for 3 million dollars. This strange looking Ferrari is designed by Paolo Martin.

3. Karlmann King

I personally don’t care how strange this car looks; I wouldn’t mind owning it. Weighing 5 tons, this car is produced by a Chinese company in Italy. Karlmann King is also known to be the world’s most expensive SUV – $1.9 million. This extraordinary car can be customized according to your liking, such as bullet resistant option, alligator skin and so on. Just a heads up, if by now you are thinking about ordering one for yourself, keep in mind that the delivery takes 9 to 15 months. 

4. BMW Isetta

We all have heard and seen a BMW car, right? Pretty normal. However, that is not the case with this model.  Produced by Iso company, in 1956, this car had no side doors and a two-bench seat. Known as “bubble car”, the Isetta car sold over 160,000 cars. Let me tell you a story, in the mid-1950s, BMW was on the verge of bankruptcy. The luxury cars that they produced costed so much that they suffered losses and they had to make money asap. At the Turin Car Show, they found their solution, the Isetta. They directly purchased the licensing and the production equipment and began to work.

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