Crabs and Corruption Rally Map 2017 Atlantic City, NJ to the Mid Atlantic Megameet to Baltimore, Md to Washington, DC
Crabs and Corruption Rally Map 2017 Atlantic City, NJ to the Mid Atlantic Megameet to Baltimore, Md to Washington, DC

Fifty50 presents its very own rally. Crabs and Corruption with homage to all things that make rallies great… cars and drinks and gambling and girls. Be FiftyFamous and party like a rockstar! This is a crazy cars event… you’ll see hundreds while only a few can be on the rally!  You’ll get access to all of the crabs!

3000 Crabs
300+ Miles
3 Days
2 Nights

There will be crazy cars and crazier people. Rest up and save up.

Transportation, hotels  (and related items), drinks, “paid entertainment,”  whatever are on you. We’re trying to be as inclusive to everyone as we can, the space is extremely limited to ensure we can film and not overwhelm any of the venues we’re going to.


Crabs and Corruption is now a flexible rally! We heard from so many of you that you loved our message, loved all of the corruption, but just couldn’t handle all of the rules. We get it.

In coordination with our sponsors, we’re proud to announce the availability of a rally-your-way Crabs & Corruption.

Now, instead of having to buy a one-sizes-fits-all package, you can stay where you want, participate on the days you want, and basically have the most corrupt days of your life — with all kinds of like minded company.

Cost for all of this corruption??! : $0 — nada — zip — zilch.

What’s the catch? You must register. Its free. No one is going to ask for your credit card.

What do you get? For starters, you get access to the private forum where we discuss all of our plans and meet ups. You still get VIP access to the events we’ve planned and you get the branding and sticker kits for your car(s) for free — just for registering and showing up.

Why ? Fifty50 is about making movies about these experiences. We don’t care about how many hotel nights we sell. Show up. Be in our movies. Have a blast. Make memories (or blur them) forever.

TRUE STORY: One guy said he wanted to get so weird in an RV he didn’t even want hotel rooms. Turns out it wasn’t even his RV. We aren’t asking any questions. Here’s looking at you!

This is the rally you and your buddies can do. No one will judge you. We embrace your corrupt and adventurous side. No one will ask you for money…. well, we can’t actually promise that. We can promise that the *rally* won’t ask you for money. Anyone else who asks you… should hopefully offer some service of some sort in trade… again, we aren’t judging.

TRUE STORY: One of our degenerate friends was like (with plenty of slurring because it was after midnight) “I’m comped at all of the casinos….” so when you’re about to get kicked out, he’ll be there and might be able to help you out.

JUNE 2, 2017
We’ll organize at the Borgata Hotel and Casino in Atlantic City.   There, we will meet our fellow ralliers, figure out  last minute logistics, distribute our driver’s packet, sticker late arrivals and get everything and everyone ready for the road.  Later, we begin the festivities with the following…
Events: Gambling, Strip Clubs and all the things that makes Atlantic City a corruption capitol!

JUNE 3, 2017
Leave Atlantic City,  with a possible early lunch in Philadelphia…

Meet up in Glen Burnie, MD for the Fifty50 present the Mid Atlantic Megameet — over 1500 cars and trucks, including exotics and oddities. Over 14 acres dedicated to parking, food, and fun. A separate parking aisle will be dedicated to Crabs and Corruption vehicles to show and park and circulate.

After we’ve shown love to our show… we head to Baltimore for our night’s stop.

We shall dine on Crabs! And then do some silly car things and get ready for the night’s adventures. We’ll be at the Sheraton… you might see your bed before we’re off for Sunday’s adventures!

Night Events: More gambling, drinking, strip clubs and all the things that make for great stories…

JUNE 4, 2017
We’ll make our way to the ‘finish line’ but not before participating in a shooting event at Silver Eagle in Ashburn, VA. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or have never touched a gun before, we’ve got you covered. We will provide mandatory safety training and work with new shooters on the basics to get them going!

After shooting.. we head to DC to wrap up and break off for some more celebrating.

Events: Shooting event, Goodbye send off

SORRY! REGISTRATIONS ARE OFFICIALLY CLOSED! If you want to be on a wait list or be on our mailing list for future events, please go ahead and use the form below. Thanks!

Questions PM here or email Routes, details, events and surprises may occur or change. This is fun, remember that!